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DHG Lecture: Part Two of Altered Perspectives – art after the conquest of the air

Pioneering flights by the Wright brothers and Blériot in the early 20th Century captured the imagination of a huge public and that of visual artists also. Coinciding with early demonstrations of flight, new conceptions of time and space altered forever the conventions of visual representation. The explorations of the cubist and early abstract artists sought to appropriate the romantic aura of this new conquest of space.

This lecture considers, as flight fantasists, artists such as Robert and Sonia Delauney, Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Fernand Léger, Marcel Duchamp, Constantin Brâncuși, Kazamir Malevitch and Vladimir Tatlin.

The Drill Hall Gallery acknowledges the Ngunnawal and Ngambri peoples, the traditional custodians of the Canberra region, and recognises their continuous connection to culture, community and Country.