sonic networksSonic Networks 13 2013 oil and acrylic on canvas 244 x 304 cm Christopher Austin Collection

John Aslanidis (1961-)

Over the past two decades John Aslanidis has explored the relationship between optical and sonic art through infinitely resonant paintings that continue to reverberate beyond the edges of the canvas. Seeking to make “paintings you can hear and sound you can see”, Aslanidis uses colour and line to create chromatic intensities that resemble the experience of listening to music. Through the mapping of interlocking and exponentially expanding concentric circles on the canvas, the composition of each painting is structured by a number of disturbances (disruptive frequencies) that are mathematically positioned in relation to one another. Much like the way music is regulated by the intervals between each note, these ripples on the surface of the canvas overlap and merge to form pulsating rhythmic patterns. Aslanidis employs this calculating system to determine how the layers of complex colour pattern are to undulate and proceed over time and into the space of the viewer.

The natural oscillation between painting and music is a confluence of his aural and visual experiences: studying at the Conservatorium of Music before completing his Fine Arts degree at COFA in Sydney from 1987 to 1990. Aslanidis has maintained a detailed examination of the overlap between electronic music and painting, being part of Clan Analogue from 1995 to 1998, an inter-disciplinary collective of visual and sound based artists, while more recently collaborating with the Berlin based sound artist Brian May on a number of sonic performances of his paintings (Sonic Network 9, exhibited at Dr Julius-ap in Berlin 2011 and White Box New York in 2012, and Sonic Network 8, exhibited at The Substation Melbourne in 2012). Aslanidis has attracted international recognition for his work, undertaking a five month residency at the prestigious Location One in New York and two exhibitions in Berlin in 2011, while in 2012 his work appeared in the exhibition Structure and Emergence that toured venues in the USA, exploring the relationship between science, mathematics and abstract visual language.

Compiled by Oscar Capezio

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