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Watson, Yannima Pikarli Tommy, Untitled (detail) 2016, Acrylic on canvas 151 x 244 cm. Donated through the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program by Craig Edwards in memory of Edmund Charles Edwards and Alan Edmund Edwards, Teachers.

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In a vibrant, convivial atmosphere, be part of the art. Connect with the very best of art and culture in Canberra. Friends’ Nights are held on the last Friday of every month between 5.30 and 7 pm.

In addition we offer members privileged access to artists, curators and our special guests. Musical events, pop-up exhibitions, visits to exhibitions in Sydney and Melbourne, to artists’ studios, book launches, and special talks are a part of our program. Special discounts and priority ticketing are offered to our members.

Friends receive complimentary tickets to the The Drill Hall Gallery Lecture Series (tickets are issued on subscription or show your card at the door).

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Memberships are based on a calendar year.

Upcoming Events

Friends Night FRIDAY 26 April 2019 5:30 – 7:30pm

In appreciation of trees with special guest speaker Peter Kanowski

Image: Elizabeth Cross, Monumental Moreton Bay Fig, Botanical Gardens, Sydney, 2009-10, pencil on paper, 66 x 75.5 cm. Collection of the artist.


Previous Events

Friends Night FRIDAY 29 MARCH 2019 5:30 – 7:30pm

With special guest speakers Ruth Waller and Dr David Hansen

Hassall Collection

First Friends Night FRIDAY 22 FEBRURARY 2019 5:30 – 7:30pm

With special guest Geoff Hassall and music performance by Miroslav Bukovsky

Image: 1. Jon Molvig, The Bridesmaids (detail) 1956, oil on masonite, 152.4 x 122 cm. 2. Photograph, The Australian 2015

Festive Friends evening  FRIDAY 30th NOVEMBER  6 – 8pm

Those who are naughty and those who are nice are invited to our 2018 Christmas Part


October Friends evening FRIDAY 26 5.30 – 7 PM
Please join us for what will be a unique encounter with TWO JUDITHS!

Dr Judith Ajani

Earlier this year, Judith Ajani returned from a semester exchange at the China Academy of Art’s Department of Chinese landscape painting. In this talk, illustrated with her work and photos, Ajani will present a smorgasbord of cross-cultural learning anecdotes. Over her five months in China, she reproduced a painting by Juran, a 10th century Buddhist monk. Ajani spent three weeks outdoor sketching with the Academy in the Cangyan Mountains (Hebei Province), walked in the yellow Mountains (Anhui Province), and visited the Mogao Caves. Judith Ajani will share the compositional elements, and ink and brush techniques she developed in relation to the Song Dynasty. Ajani will present on her introduction to the philosophy embedded in Chinese landscape painting.

Dr Judith Ajani recently graduated from the ANU’s School of Art and Design (painting).

Image 1: Judith Ajani, Study 3, 2018, Ink on paper, 32.5 x 40.0 cm. Courtesy of the artist.

Judith White 

One of the best selling books last year in the Drill Hall Gallery’s book shop was Judith White’s Culture Heist. Some Friends of the gallery were so impressed they bought multiple copies to share with other friends.

We are very excited that Judith White will be returning to our Friends evening this Friday, one year after the launch of this brave and very disturbing analysis of the culture wars in our national institutions and she will bring us up to date on subsequent developments.

Don’t forget the Kingsley Street car parking station will be available for you to park between from 5 – 8 pm.

AND SAVE THE DATE – FRIDAY 30 November is our last Members evening for the 2018 & our CHRISTMAS PARTY!

Image: Culture Heist by Judith White

September Friends evening FRIDAY 29 SEPTEMBER 5.30 – 7PM

In 2017 architecture students at the University of Canberra’s Faculty of Arts and Design were set a project, requiring them to design an extension to the ANU Drill Hall Gallery. Their brief was to enhance the precinct, to establish a dedicated space for storage and display of the University’s art collection, and to provide spaces for functions and educational activities. This month enjoy a talk by UC Architecture Student Flynn O’Shaughnessy.

“An extension of the Drill Hall Gallery that evokes human curiosity and interaction. The notion of a stacked gallery experience that does not encroach on the site with a large footprint. A glowing thin tower that captures the sunlight throughout the entire day. A curved stair case that resembles an exaggeration of the Drill Hall’s curved brick interior walls, allowing people to circulate up and down the building. Inside, one experiences views of the University campus and surrounding areas at various levels. A stacked program that is adaptable depending on the needs of the gallery. An opposing negative resides next to the tower, where a tiered water element invites people to enjoy and gawk at this new spectacle.” – Flynn O’Shaughnessy September 2018

Join us for a glass of wine as Flynn explains his unique vision for a new and most innovative gallery space for the Drill Hall Gallery precinct.

August Friends evening FRIDAY 31 AUGUST 5.30 – 7 PM 

Meet your friends and enjoy a musical interlude featuring AJ America.

AJ is a performer, conductor and creative producer. She grew up in Sydney as a member of the Sydney Children’s Choir and Gondwana Voices and has toured nationally as well as across the USA, Canada, China and New Zealand. AJ has recorded for a number of Australian film soundtracks, including as a soloist for PJ Hogan’s Mental and Baz Luhrman’s Australia. In 2012, both her vocal performances and choral composition were nominated for Encore. In 2017, AJ completed her PhB with Honours in History.

AJ performs regularly as a soloist and an ensemble singer and has conducted multiple high-achieving community choirs. She is the Artistic Director and founder of the Luminescence Children’s Choir, and is currently the Musical Director of Canberra Community Chorale. AJ also teaches Vocal Ensemble Studies H-Course at the ANU School of Music, and in her spare time, works as a sessional academic and research assistant at the ANU School of History.

July Friends evening  FRIDAY 27 JULY 5.30 – 7 PM

Our scheduled events, due to unforeseen circumstances, have been cancelled or postponed, so for the July Friends monthly event (Friday 27 July 6pm ) Terence Maloon has offered to step into the breach and re-present a lecture he recently delivered at the Art Gallery of South Australia on July 13. This lecture was related to an exhibition of Impressionist Painting coming from the Musée d’Orsay in Paris, currently on show in Adelaide and closing 29 July.

Terence’s lecture was very well received and will appeal to all lovers of Impressionist painting.

Pissaro The Climb, Rue de la Côte-du-Jalet Pontoise 1875 Oil on canvas 54 x 65.7 cm. Collection Brooklyn Museum

June Friends evening  FRIDAY 29 JUNE 5.30 – 7 PM


Discover the Rome of Antiquity with Terence and Friends 


May Friends evening Friday 25 May 5.30 – 7pm


My central interest is in the interaction of anthropogenic environments and human beings. Through a broad range of media, with a focus on experimental material processes, I make work that questions the artificial landscapes and interior spaces we are encouraged to accept as standard.

As a maker who deals in human-scale objects, not office towers, I have no power to directly alter this environment; rather, I propose alternatives. Through speculative, materially ambiguous, often slightly unsteady objects I ask why the homogenous, textureless, sometimes inhuman facades of contemporary cityscapes should be considered normal, when the materials and forms common to them can result in such diversity.

Nyx Mathews – Artist Statement, 2018




In 2017 architecture students at the University of Canberra’s Faculty of Arts and Design were set a project, requiring them to design an extension to the ANU Drill Hall Gallery. Their brief was to enhance the precinct, to establish a dedicated space for storage and display of the University’s art collection, and to provide spaces for functions and educational activities. Nine of these projects have been selected for exhibition at the Drill Hall Gallery.


April  Friends evening  Friday 27 April 5.30-7 pm


Andrew Litten makes art that does not  appear ambitious or aspirational. He  challenges the idea of creating art as a potential commodity. So, he chooses humble, unartlike domestic materials often drawn with a biro on note paper or old envelops, shopping bags, cardboard boxes, irregular bits of wood and furniture, to represent the transient incidental moments of life.

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